Hello, Friend! May 07, 2015 17:53

Let me introduce myself: 

In 2010, I left my career in engineering to stay home with my kiddos and couldn't be happier! I love having the time to play chase, read the same stories over and over, cook new things, make an ATTEMPT at organization, and actually finish those craft projects that always seem to sit unfinished. (Well...sometimes. My husband might argue with that last one). I love decorating…especially coming up with ways to re-purpose found items. But I also love creating things from scratch. As much as I love math (weird, I know), I love art and graphic design more. A lot more. I like things that are linear, but my rebellious side loves things that are whimsical. My style reflects that…urban, rustic-industrial, with touches of the feminine side. 

To me, each creative endeavor starts as an {Epiphany}…and this is my little {Corner} of the world to share some of those with you. Thanks for stopping by!


Some off-topic facts:  I really love lists  ///  I’m a bit of a ditz, and definitely a klutz  ///  I hate laundry. With a passion.  ///  I love the way paint changes a room, but I've been know to leave a room half-finished...for a LONG while. Seriously...over a year :)  ///  I’m a dreamer  ///  I used to be very organized (ask my mom!) but then trained myself otherwise after having kids  ///  I love a good escape novel (James Rollins, Stephen Lawhead, Vince Flynn)  ///  Any of my “reading” these days is actually via an audiobook…these kiddos of mine keep me on the go!  ///  Camping or lying around on the beach is my favorite pastime…better yet, if it’s possible to combine the two, I’m in heaven  ///  Someday I want to travel the world with a one-way ticket and no plan whatsoever  ///  I pretty much have the best husband ever; he puts up with all of my quirks…even the piles of laundry needing to be folded :)